Writing Prompt: #1 Haunted House

Hide and Seek

A Haunted House by Kitty Dew

The children darted through a clustering of yards known as Long Vista, a throwback neighborhood, intimate and almost urban. It had been Nina French’s turf since the year before when her Mother, freshly liberated from her clueless husband, moved the two of them into a small two bedroom Cape on Kline Street. Today Nina was trying to hide. She knew Marky Guildstein was an exceptional seeker and right now he was “it”. Time to risk it, she thought, push the boundaries of the game, like her Dad had said once. She had immediately started down Huddleston Road, the outlet to the rural sprawl of town, when she remembered the old Knowles house. There it sat as if some spiny weed sprouted from the blackest earth. Five gables and one crooked conical spire with a nautical port window from which it was told the specter of Spencer Knowles waited still for his children to return. Nina felt at once emboldened: in part by Marky whom, she’d promised herself she would finally defeat; in part by a new feeling, a funny pressure that seemed to draw her nearer to the murky and decrepit edifice bordering the sanctuary of Long Vista. There was no creaky gate for Nina to push open, instead she pushed one open in her mind. She tiptoed over the sunken slate walkway that led to the Knowles front porch. Here she paused, What if the steps aren’t safe, if they collapse, or maybe some family of rabid raccoons are swarming around in there just waiting for someone like me to jump on with their sharp claws. But it was as if the house itself took hold of her hand and with the kind caress of a maiden aunt saw her in through the jagged yaw of the forgotten threshold. Stepping into the darkness, Nina French considered herself hidden, not even Marky Guildstein would find her now.

© 2014 Michael Jones

Writing Prompt: #1 Haunted House

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